Saturday, November 12, 2011

Beyond Altered Books

I belong to a lovely group of ladies who call ourselves Beyond Altered Books Group - this name grew from Altered Book Group because some of us have branched out and work on other projects when we meet.
We first did various workshops with Ro Bruhn (aren't we lucky) and then some of us indicated a desire to continue meeting. There is always plenty of fun, art and new ideas and inspirtation around every Third Thursday. I always look forward to these evenings.

One project we've all been working on is a An Altered Book (which is an outdated school text book) where we take a turn to do a page for someone else each month. We all have a book and I can't wait to get mine back finished. I haven't looked at any of my pages yet as I want it to be a surprise when I get it! WE began this about a year ago. This is my latest page for someone who directed me to an inspiring course called Soul Journalling  by Sarah Whitmire. Sarah has many Journalling ideas and free courses too, some of which pushed me along in my experimention.