Monday, July 22, 2013


Still loving creating one Index - Card - a - Day - for the ICAD project - at Tammy Garcia's page.

I am SO glad I discovered this project through the 21 Secrets Workshops I am doing - and a wonderful added bonus is "meeting" like minded "Art Friends" in the other members of the group.
 I am as of today - up to number 52! That's 52 tiny pieces of Art - Play - Experiment - Discovery!
These cards were created while I was on holiday in The Northern Territory - and the prompt was coffee and tea - you can see pieces of maps, tea bags, coffee and tea tags, with backgrounds made from tea and coffee.
It was a great project to take on holidays - only needed some index cards, a glue stick, scissors and a small selection of markers.
Recycling and Art - love it!

Saturday, July 13, 2013


I am having the BEST fun taking part in Tammy Garcia's ICAD challenge. The challenge is to create one piece of Art on a 3 inch x 5 inch or 5 inches x 7 inches Index Card for 61 days in June and July. I'm using the smaller size.
These cards are a very cheap art supply - and 8 prompts and suggested materials are provided by Tammy each week, and some are shared by participants on a Face Book page dedicated to ICAD.
Here are some of my cards for June.

This prompt was Watercolour and Quote. The Dalai Lama was in Darwin when we were there, so it seemed very appropriate.
Prompts here included - Circus, Map, Zebra, Gardens, Crown - and - acrylics, paper, pencils, markers, texture, stamping, stencils...

It's a great challenge to create a tiny piece of art every day - but I'm loving the whole process - and especially getting inspiration from others in the group. I find though that I am particularly drawn to collage - making the other techniques (especially drawing - A REAL CHALLENGE!)
Three cheers for Tammy, her idea, her commitment and her enthusiasm for this!