Friday, October 11, 2013


I've received ten beautiful postcards from some people I sent mine to. Every one unique and different and special. I feel very honoured.

I hope the postman who delivers them to me is cheered by them. The world wide postal service is something we take for granted - but it is so appreciated by me, especially at the moment!

I also hope whoever stamps them and sorts them in post offices where they're posted are brightened up by them. Long live Snail Mail and Art Mail!
Here are the cards - all different techniques - all unique and all wonderful!

Thank you Joanne, from Victoria, Australia.

Thank you Gail, from Victoria, Australia.

Thank you Norma, from Victoria, Australia.

Thank you Anne, from Huttenberg, Germany.

Thank you Thea, from Queensland, Australia.

Thank you Deb, from Western Australia.

Thank you Christine, from Pennsylvania, USA.

Thank you Harriet from California, USA.

Thank you Nicky, from Victoria, Australia.

Thank you Sarah, from Tasmania, Australia.

More surprises - Deb's fabric, beaded, embroidered and stitched card came in this Mail Art envelope.

...and Sarah's also came in a Mail Art envelope with some goodies from her etsy shop.