Thursday, August 29, 2013


Stack of 65 postcards in progress.

A recent "Arty" interest of mine is MAIL ART.
I have been inspired by Emma, who created 50 postcards to send to celebrate her 50th birthday a year or so ago
-  by my joy & delight in receiving Mail Art envelopes and postcards from my paper swap friends ( met during Lawendula's swaps)
 - and my success & enjoyment doing and completing the 61 Index Cards Project (Tammy - ICAD and DPP) ...
and now...
I'm going to make and post 65 postcards!
Yes - I have decided to celebrate an auspicious birthday (October 31st) by making and sending out 65 'hand made' postcards to people I've met in other swaps and art groups!
Maybe this will work as a swap and I'll receive some hand made postcards? - but there will be no obligation.
My postcards will be in the collage style and a 4 x 6 inch size or 10 x 15 cm size. 

Four cards in progress on my desk.

I will post them without an envelope so that the card can "gather" the postmark and that the Australian stamp will be part of the card.
All my cards will have some stitching and flowers.
I will blog about the progress of this project of mine - with hopefully some pictures of cards received.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Winter Crochet and Knitting.

Winter Crafts make their presence felt - warming the heart in the outdoors - and I've warmed some people - below are my crocheted rugs for my 2 granddaughters!

My efforts - 132 squares in total for 2 rugs!

Cakes, Bikes, Outdoor Seats - nothing is exempt from Guerilla Knitters. Guerilla Knitting, Yarn Bombing, Yarn Storming, Urban Knitting or Wool Graffiti - are all  types of street art that employs colourful displays of knitting and or crochet.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


This Index Card prompt was CELEBRATION - and I'm celebrating that I have completed 61 cards for the challenge.


I was: -
- challenged time wise and in planning my cards and supplies.
- inspired by other's art.
- encouraged by the comments of others.
- made aware of other techniques and supplies.
- made aware of artists and styles I didn't know.

I was brave enough to post my work daily on the FaceBook group and have learnt more IT tricks, photographic angles, uploading and downloading and how Dropbox works.

All in all - I've thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and project of Tammy Garcia at Daisy Yellow.

And I am so appreciative of the support given by other members of the group. Just wish we could all "play art" together in reality!
Thank you all.

I was so involved some days that I "HAD" to make extra cards just because things were on my desk or because something just "jumped out"! Haven't yet counted them - but I know that Index Cards will be a constant companion from now on!

Left over paint paper and doodling and chipboard elements.

                                                          Doodling inside painted ogee shapes.

                                                             Some of my extra cards

More extra cards done.

Text, paint, stitching for the topic "Crossword". (my cross words are under the pasted text!)

Two months worth of Index Cards completed.
One of my favourites - scrunched up paint wipe paper flowers and sharpie.

Like this one too.

Paint smudges, sharpie and Signo white lines.
Another favourite - fabric and stitching.

It was a great project for the Australian Winter and the benefits of creativity and being part of an arty community have resulted in a very calm and focused me.