Wednesday, May 1, 2013

21 Secrets Online Art Journalling Course

I am so glad I signed up for this course (through Ro Bruhn's blog). I am having a wonderfully creative liberating time - and I've only done one workshop so far.
My first workshop was Carissa Paige's "Following the Wild Winds". Part 1 encourages exploring and playing with paints using hands, fingers, stamps, found objects - after allowing an appreciation of where you are.
I went with a serendipity flow and painted.

This Red Tree appeared and reminded me of a beautiful childrens's book The Red Tree by Shaun Tan.
Days later I painted over the red tree and a whole forest appeared!

Next exercise was to put yourself in a painting - again serendipity was at work for me when 2 old photos turned up whilst sorting a drawer.
Significent moments in my life up to now called to be painted. The colours were what came to mind rather than a laboured decision.

No 1 - 1970 - a young couple in love.

No 2 - 1985 - stepping out into a career, study, family, travel

No 3 - 2013 - mellow, wistful, exciting, future awaits an older and wiser me!

This one has song titles that were playing when I was working on it - Brown Eyed Girl, That's the name of the game, Love lifts us up where we belong,I'll be there ... and many more.
I know I have most probably built on other techniques I've learnt and now have freed up a painting method for journalling, which I love.

I've already started another page - my version - where I have written down words of concerns, messages, joys, sorrows, struggles  - then covered them up with text and paper.

No 1 - My hidden secrets.

No 2 - First painting session. with ink drips too.

Next I will stamp, tape, write, maybe paint ...who knows ...but I am dedicating it to calmness in my life, relaxation and enjoyment. Which probably spells ART!