Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas cards are now done...

I've been making my Christmas cards and today's the day I start to write them and post them too - especially the overseas ones!

 The card above features hand made paper, gold foil paper, a stamped sentiment and is finished with a button glued over ribbon.

These two cards below were made with hand made paper, recycled vintage sheet music and die cut trees. The handmade paper was made in Burnie, Tasmania, where a group of paper makers experiment with different fibres to make paper eg plants, cotton and even animal droppings from plant eating animals! Yes I've got some - and No - it doesn't smell!

Hand made blue paper made from denim fabric.

The handmade red paper made from towel offcuts from a towel factory.

The next cards are made using scrapbook papers, ribbons, embellishments and a stamped sentiment.

Christmas Greetings to my readers.


  1. Lovely cards,Ihope people keep them as treasures forever. I have a box of handmade cards that friends have sent over the years.

    1. Thank you Jo - love the card you sent me too - and the collection of ephrema I won.
      Happy art times and - yes I do keep all hand made cards too.

  2. What great looking books! My daughter would have so much fun making one!