Wednesday, May 1, 2013

21 Secrets Online Art Journalling Course

I am so glad I signed up for this course (through Ro Bruhn's blog). I am having a wonderfully creative liberating time - and I've only done one workshop so far.
My first workshop was Carissa Paige's "Following the Wild Winds". Part 1 encourages exploring and playing with paints using hands, fingers, stamps, found objects - after allowing an appreciation of where you are.
I went with a serendipity flow and painted.

This Red Tree appeared and reminded me of a beautiful childrens's book The Red Tree by Shaun Tan.
Days later I painted over the red tree and a whole forest appeared!

Next exercise was to put yourself in a painting - again serendipity was at work for me when 2 old photos turned up whilst sorting a drawer.
Significent moments in my life up to now called to be painted. The colours were what came to mind rather than a laboured decision.

No 1 - 1970 - a young couple in love.

No 2 - 1985 - stepping out into a career, study, family, travel

No 3 - 2013 - mellow, wistful, exciting, future awaits an older and wiser me!

This one has song titles that were playing when I was working on it - Brown Eyed Girl, That's the name of the game, Love lifts us up where we belong,I'll be there ... and many more.
I know I have most probably built on other techniques I've learnt and now have freed up a painting method for journalling, which I love.

I've already started another page - my version - where I have written down words of concerns, messages, joys, sorrows, struggles  - then covered them up with text and paper.

No 1 - My hidden secrets.

No 2 - First painting session. with ink drips too.

Next I will stamp, tape, write, maybe paint ...who knows ...but I am dedicating it to calmness in my life, relaxation and enjoyment. Which probably spells ART!


  1. Wonderful bright colors, I love the freedom of scraping, dripping & smearing paint about, must do it more often! Looking forward to seeing the results of your next class ;)

    1. Thanks Emma yes it's a nice thing to do ... Thanks for commenting too ... Glad it now works for you.

  2. Lots of layers and expressive brushwork here...lovely.

  3. awesome! love the free layers!

  4. Isn't it amazing how much we can get from the 21 Secrets classes that applies to each of us! I like your pages, maybe I will do Clarissa's class next. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!