Monday, July 22, 2013


Still loving creating one Index - Card - a - Day - for the ICAD project - at Tammy Garcia's page.

I am SO glad I discovered this project through the 21 Secrets Workshops I am doing - and a wonderful added bonus is "meeting" like minded "Art Friends" in the other members of the group.
 I am as of today - up to number 52! That's 52 tiny pieces of Art - Play - Experiment - Discovery!
These cards were created while I was on holiday in The Northern Territory - and the prompt was coffee and tea - you can see pieces of maps, tea bags, coffee and tea tags, with backgrounds made from tea and coffee.
It was a great project to take on holidays - only needed some index cards, a glue stick, scissors and a small selection of markers.
Recycling and Art - love it!

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  1. What lovely index cards you've been making & when catching up, I saw your fabulous canvases, so colorful! Great journal pages, too.