Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Birthday in Shanghai and Hand Made DIY Postcards.

To celebrate my 65th birthday in a positive way, not only did I make 65 collaged postcards and send them to arty friends and family - but I also went to China. We spent most of our time in

Yu Gardens
Shanghai - and had the day of my birthday - 31st October - walking around the traditional Yu Gardens and Market; Xintiandi, an area of Shikumen Houses restored as shops and restaurants and Tianzifang, an area of local craft and art galleries in narrow alley ways and restored Shikumen houses.

Tianzifang on 31st October

That evening we stayed at one of the "coolest" hotels on the planet! The Indigo - on The Bund - amazing decor and facilities. Loved every minute I was there!.

Daytime view of Pudong
Night view of Pudong.
Our room.
Then, when I got home, a week later I had 3 week's worth of mail delivered! Some gorgeous arty postcards for me! Continuous birthday celebrations - love it! There are cards that have been painted, collaged, textured, sewn, glossed, stamped, coloured, watercolour, crayons, inks, acrylic, shim, recycled, repurposed, washi tape, packing tape... Receiving so many mixed media creations has amazed and thrilled me. It's been an interesting and creative experience and wonderful to now own so many mini works of Art from creative friends.
I've been fortunate enough to "meet" like minded creative people through my participation in the Lawendula's Paper Swaps, the 21 Secrets online class, Daisy Yellow's Index Card A Day and Daily Paper Prompts challenges, and Ro Bruhn's workshops.
Thank you Marleen, from Delft, Netherland.

Thank you Sabine, from Melbourne, Australia.

Thank you Wendy from Ontario, Canada.

Thank you Marlene, Albuquerque, USA.

Thank you Manu, from Berlin, Germany.

Thank you Laurie, from Glendale, USA.

Thank you Marianne, from Castlecove, Ireland.

Thank you Ro, from Melbourne, Australia.

Thank you Denyse, from Sydney, Australia.

Thank you Anne, from Melbourne, Australia.

Thank you Wendy, from  Western Australia.

Thank you, Carlene, from Nashville, USA.

Thank you Lee, from  Alberta, Canada.

Thank you, Marg, from Melbourne, Australia.

Thank you Lynn, from Ontario, Canada.
This one lost a phrase in the mail ..."made up of" is floating around some mailroom somewhere!

Thank you Betty, from Washington, USA.

Thank you Tammy, from USA.

Thank you,Tina, from Sweden.
Thank you Marie, from Melbourne, Australia.

Thank you, Evelyn from Ohio, USA.

Thank you Hanna, from Sweden.

Thank you, Sylvia, from Melbourne, Australia.

Some cards came in Mail Art envelopes too!
I have received a few more since starting this post and have a few more promised so I'll do another post again in a month or so.


  1. Sue, you sure know how to celebrate a birthday! So glad you got my postcard, and many more I can see here. How great. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a wonderful trip ! I love all those postcards. I sent my paper swap to you and I hope you'll get it soon.

    1. Love it all! thank you! Happy Creative New Year!

  3. merry Christmas, and next post, tell us if you found anything great to buy in China, inquiring minds want to know.

  4. Oh Sue! How FUN! How wonderful! I love that your birthday celebrations continued when you returned home. I truly believe that {mail} art brings us all closer together. I find the photographs of Xintiandi especially intriguing. Happy holidays!

    1. Thank you! Xintiandi one of my favourite places. Happy Creative New Year!

  5. Such a wonderful trip to celebrate a special birthday, thanks for sharing your journey with us.
    I am sorry that piece of the quote fell off, I almost put it in an envelope too, wish I had now:)
    Enjoy your holidays Sue, a Merry Christmas, and a healthy New Year !

    1. I think it was fun that it fell off - where is it? Who found it? What did they think? Fodder for a short story there! Happy Creative New Year!