Friday, June 6, 2014



I participated in the recent 2014  Spring Postcard Swap (European) from my home in Melbourne, Australia where it's been Autumn! And in our Spring I'll participate in the Autumn swap!

The swap consists of each participant creating 10 postcards and posting them to 10 people as organised by Hanna of ihanna's blog.

I created my cards this time with silk papers collaged on the background and textured recycled paper for each leaf. I stitched a border around each and around the leaf.
I've just received my 10th postcard - yippee! -  and they're all very different and delightful.
Most of my cards came from the USA from New Zealand and one from Norway.
Here they are:-

Lovely hand drawn doodles from Cynthia, USA.

Clever sewing themed collage from Claudia, USA.

Bright Gelli Plate printing from Lori, USA.

Beautiful painted and textured/collaged card from Tina, USA.

Fun card painted and printed from Liven, Norway.

Colourful acrylic paint and stitching from Wendy, New Zealand.

Thoughtful garden themed collage from Rosalie, USA

Cute and clever punched owl art from Carol, USA.

Shiny paper and serene photograph with braid from Urska.

Atmospheric acrylic painting from Kathie, USA.

My cards went to Canada, Sweden, UK and USA. Email "thank you"s have been received and I even received this gorgeous postcard as a thank you for the one I sent!

This collaged and painted card is from Wendee in USA to thank me for my card!

I love the surprise when I collect the mail from the letterbox and think about all the postal worker throughout the world who have seen this "Travelling Art". I hope it cheers up their days.
I love receiving the gift of hand made art and thank all the above ladies - or "sisters in creativity" as Urska said!
Many thanks to Hanna at for her inspiration and organization!


  1. i think it's amazing how different they all are. it was sad when the last card arrived.

    1. Yes I agree with you Cyndee but there's always the next swap!

  2. Glad mine arrived in one piece -- it traveled quite a distance! Thanks for sharing all the cards you received. I love how different they all are.