Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More of my knitted and crocheted creations ...

 This jumper is knitted to one of my favourite pattterns by Debbie Bliss, a pattern I use often with various 8 ply yarns. It always works out really well and the mums love the easy - on - easy - off  style. The crocheted beanie with crocheted flower is also another favourite for me to make and receipants to wear. This set was given to my daughter's girlfriend who has beautiful little 8 mth old baby.

A crocheted Granny Square rug made with my stash of wool for my future daughter -in -law for last Christmas.

A pile of knitted jumpers, some for my own beautiful little 2 year old granddaughter, others for various little people.

A baby rug made by special request for my niece's baby, a beautiful little girl.

As you can see I have worked out how to add photos - thanks in part to two wonderful friends - Sylvia, who seems to know so much about computer workings - and my terrific daughter-in-law, Tanya - who also knows so much about computers and who helped me last night. Thank you both! And thank you too to the people who visited and commented and encouraged me too. It turns out that my photos are too large ie too much resolution therefore take so long to upload. But now I know, all shall be well. Fingers crossed.


  1. Way to go Sue. There'll be no stopping you now. These are all cozy creations and great colours.

  2. Hi Sue, I read Sylvias blog and here I am :) I wish I could crochet and knit. Beautiful work.I am following your blog now.

    I make jewellery and I would love it if you could follow my blog too. I also have a giveaway I would encourage you to enter :) Have a great evening!

  3. Beautiful work Sue and thank you for stopping by my blog. It sure is great to have friends to spoil you on your birthday

  4. Nice work! I like the granny square