Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Winter Woolies

It's certainly winter here in Melbourne now with temperatures of between 0 - 15 degrees most days. A lovely time for me to be on school holidays for 2 weeks and spend time indoors - creating. My ideal days usually consist of reading in a warm bed with a cup of tea, then some essential chores followed by some creative pursuit - either alone or with my 2 beautiful granddaughters who just love Nan's room with all its bits and pieces, and cupboards and drawers full of interesting stuff! After dinner I just love to sit down and watch some TV or a DVD with my husband - and  knit or crochet. I've been knitting and crocheting constantly since one of my younger brothers was born - in 1960. And now I have two granddaughters, niece's babies, friend's grandchildren, little people next door so my beanies and jumpers and jackets are much appreciated. I am still finding adding photos a challenge, especially as I've just added 6 and now only one is showing! Will try again another day.
A stack of beanies ready to be given as presents or for sale on ebay.


  1. Keep trying with the photos - you'll get the hang of it eventually - I have been there!
    Love the beanies. Hope you enjoy your blog.

  2. Wow you have been busy Sue, what a great collection.

  3. Hi Sue
    I found you via Sylvia's blog and wanted to pop over and say hi! Lovely to see you here and I look forward to visiting often.
    Love those beanies. And agree that this is the perfect weather for hibernating.
    Am sure you will enjoy blogging. It is a great way of connecting to like minded souls.
    Dot xx

  4. Thank you all for your encouragement and interest. Much appreciated.