Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cards for Special People

Here are two of my latest card creations. I've been making cards for over 10 years now and when I give them to people they are appreciated. I am always updating my designs and see that I have had a pink theme here. I tend to favour the simple styles with just a bit of bling.

This card was made for my wonderfully talented future daughter-in-law, Hannah Norris. We are very proud of her, and especially now, because she was awarded the Curtain Call Award for best female actor in the 2010 Adelaide Fringe Festival for her portrayal of Rachel Corrie in the play "My name is Rachel Corrie", a very moving story of our times. The play will have a season in Melbourne in November.
This card was made for one of my sisters, Mandy. She is going to be the Mother-of-the-Bride on 8/9/10 in New York when her very talented daughter Jade marries Andrew. Jade Arnott is the name behind the Arnsdorf fashion label and we're very proud of her too.
One corner of my studio where I work sometimes...
The cards are both in the mail now so I hope they like them and know that I'm especially thinking of them both.
or I might choose to work here in another spot with a lovely view to our bushy backyard and down to the creek.


  1. I am sure Hannah and Jade will be thrilled to receive your cards Sue. Such a thoughtful gesture. That view out your window is so inspiring.

  2. The view from your window looks wonderful, I would think a lot of day dreaming goes on looking out of there. Have a wonderful holiday too.