Monday, July 18, 2011

Wonderful Winter

I really love Winter - with it's excuse to stay inside and do lovely warming things, like playing with beautiful grandaughters, making cards, knitting, crocheting, watching films, meeting friends for lunches... an enjoyable life that's for sure, made even more so by the fact that I don't have to go back to school tomorrow! Yippee! Last term I had a few days working in a secondary college library - what a breeze - and I got paid! The great thing about doing casual work is that I can say yes or no, depending on what else is happening in my week.
I have a friend who is selling my cards for me - here's a photo of the 30 or so I finished recently. I am thinking of putting some on etsy, just as an experiment. Wish me well!
From The Card Factory!
Today I have just completed 4 hours of reinstalling programs on my "new" computer. The old motherboard died and now I am $$$ poorer and having to "find" programs, favourites, photos ... wish I had my personal IT tech (like I had at school - oh well - I am learning a lot!) Today Blogger even looks and performs differently, and so far, better!
As I've said before I've been involved in Lawendula's Paper Swaps - and met some lovely ladies and received some sensational packages. Her paper swap idea is just terrific - thank you Franca Maria.
Shiela, one of my swap partners, had never sent anything to Australia and my lovely parcel was her first posting to Australia. The swap we were in was for a paperback book that we'd enjoyed. She sent me -Miss Pettigrew lives for a day by Winifred Watson and I'm saving it to savour when I have a weekend away soon. It was a great swap - thank you Shiela!

Beautifully wrapped inside the parcel...and a lovely hand made tag.

My new book, the tag - and a specially made -for - me collaged canvas that is now on my wall.

Her blog is called Tea and Toast - Living Gratefully, Joyfully and Creatively - a wonderful name for a blog. She has "Thoughtful Friday" postings and is currently showing Arty Index Cards that she is doing for a challenge. Some beautiful photography too.
She recently sent me a very generous second parcel - full of so many wonderful things to use. Seeing a parcel in the letterbox is like having a birthday again.


  1. Wishing you well with your Etsy shop Sue. Your abundant supply of cards look beautiful and there is much variety. The swap looks interesting. Would love to join in again, in Franca Maria’s swaps, but just don’t have the time. They were always fun. Think of you often but just haven’t caught up.

  2. Your cards look great Sue, you should do well with an etsy shop.

  3. what a lovely selection of cards Sue - hope they sell really well. Thanks for showing the swap parcel and its content.