Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Browsing through some of my favourite blogs on the weekend I came across Seth Apter's posting for a  Stackaholics Anonymous challenge of a couple of weeks ago. There are to date - 102 posts showing people's studio stacks of whatever you can imagine - and more! There is a huge amount of inspiration included - and I'm only half way through the list of links! I know I am very late, (my life has been a bit difficult recently) but hope he will forgive me if I post some photos of my Journal Stacks here.

My Junk Journals with collaged paper napkin covers - I give them as gifts to friends, to my Paper Swap buddies - and use some myself, of course.

 My Travel Journals - beginning in 1985, with our first trip to Europe - and continuing with Journals from trips to Vietnam, Cambodia, France, England, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, Belgium, Lichtenstein, New Zealand, Switzerland, Pacific Islands ... and hopefully many more travels to come.

The wobbly view above, the neater view below, of hand made and hand painted pages, altered books and notebooks.

I am very proud of my hand made journals and seeing them stacked together made me realise what a lot of enjoyment I've had from painting, stamping, sewing, collaging, decorating , drawing - and even - writing in them. And what a delight they'll be in the twilight years as Memory Treasure Troves!
 Below is a delicious stack of boxes and envellopes of inspiration I've received from friends I've met by being involved in Lawendula's Paper Swaps.Such a delightful experience to open one or two and use the papers enclosed.

A stack of cards I am in the process of making.


  1. Great stacks Sue and art really does help the healing process.

  2. Amazing stacks. I would love to look through each and every journal. Thanks for joining in. You are now #103 on my post.

  3. Oh, Sue, wonderful and rich in colour stacks- great to see!
    Looking forward for our trade! It's on the way now. From autumn to spring! I envy that package. *smile*

  4. Hello from Seth's Blog

    You have some amazingly beautiful and colorful stacks there and what lucky friends you have to receive your napkin covered gift journals!

    Stack On!

  5. Hi, Sue! I loved looking at all of your "stacks" pictures. How beautiful, and creative they are! I was a paper swap partner of yours, AGES ago (possibly the first time you participated in a paper swap). I'm afraid my "stacks" are in my studio, and, unfortunately, can only be classified as "a mess that needs to be gone-through, and organized." How nice to hear from you, again, by way of your "Christmas Card email" (in which I am planning to participate!). Good for you, too, for starting a blog. I have one in name, only, but have yet to do anything with it! I am sorry to hear that you have been going through a rough patch. Do know that you are in the thoughts of others, and as a friend, above, posts, creative endeavors can really help!