Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Zealand Impressions

My recent New Zealand Cruise is now over but I am a very relaxed person after 2 weeks cruising around the most beautiful country and scenery. I noticed many arty designs and here are a few photos of things that appealed to me.
Art Deco buildings in Napier, a city hit by an earthquake in 1931 and re-built in 1930's style, celebrated in colours, shapes and design

Wellington, the capital city, celebrates the fern design in sculpture.
In New Zealand, thongs are called Jandals because of a Japanese influence of sandals with one toe separations.
I was particularly interested in these following displays in the Wellington Museum, reminders of so many settlers from across the world arriving in New Zealand (and other countries too) in search of a better life for many reasons.

Reasons for migrating

Detail from a Maori hut roof.

This was the design on the outside of the terminal building - food for sketching there!

Superb floral displays in Dunedin Botanical Gardens - cool climate increases colours obviously, as we wouldn't have such intensity in Melbourne.

Akaroa, above, a small place near Christchurch, has a French settlement  history and celebrates the connection in various ways.
Beautifully coloured birds on the cabin TV screensaver (Takahe birds).


  1. looks like you had a great time.lots of colour & design. old buildings always catch my eye.

  2. What a fabulous trip! Lovely inspirations ;)

  3. gorgeous photos Sue, looking forward to seeing you at sketching ............. xo