Saturday, April 14, 2012

Junk Journals, Travel Journals and My Prize!

A while ago I mentioned that I had won a competition with a poem about one of my favourite craft projects from Bronwyn's blog - 365 days of craft - a blog detailing daily projects she completed for 365 days in 2011.
She is a such a creative young woman and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting her. Her 365 day project is inspiring and to be admired. On her blog she has them all listed in month and day order. Check it out - you're sure to find something you'd like to do too.
My prize - a brand new Brother Sewing machine! Look out grandaughters - your summer wardrobe is coming up!
Bronwyn creates, recycles, up cycles and invents - and I thought she'd be interested in my Junk Journals and Altered books so out they came. She even took photos and blogged about them!
I think she has found something else to try.
And now - some of the inside pages from my Travel Journal on my recent cruise to New Zealand. I love collecting brochures, tickets, information ... and always take my glue stick, scissors and some pens so I can while away some time, especially during the cruising days.

A place fro those brochures and words and pictures I can't leave behind!
With our Autumn weather now here it's been time to look at Un Finished Projects from last year - now that the very hot weather is over. I finished this crochet rug, of four 50 x 50 cms squares, making quite a nice sized rug for cool weather to have on a couch. This one will be given to our overseas visitor to take back home as a souvernir of Australia - and me!
Lovely bright colours in very large Granny Squares.


  1. Lovely to catch up Saturday Sue. Your journal is a wonderful way to create a memento of those lazy says at sea.
    The rug will be treasured, I am sure.

    1. Yes it was lovely to catch up - and we must do it more often!

  2. your journal is a happy colourful way to remember your travels. thank you for the link to bronwyn's blog.