Saturday, May 19, 2012

Winter Crafts and Crocheting

Winter is fast approaching here in my part of Australia, after a remarkably lovely warm Autumn.

So it's time to be indoors, with...

A warming corner.

... some indoor activities - and I started one today!
Deleting out-of-focus photos in the computer - and - finding some I forgot I had!
Shop interior.

Granny squares everywhere!

These photos were taken last year in a shop in Adelaide, South Australia, in their Winter style display. I couldn't resist photographing all the beautiful crochet work. Is this Guerilla Crochet - I have seen Guerilla Knitting projects from Melbourne and around the world, and Beanie Festivals (Alice Springs) and scarf festivals.

Crocheted clothing is around this year and I have to admit that I did have a crocheted bikini in black nylon yarn when I was young and svelte! What have you crocheted that is unusual?
A finished rug for a new baby.

However I think I'll just keep to my beanies, baby and toddler jumpers and granny rugs when I'm crocheting and knitting for the time being.

Red crocheted beanie and flower for my 4 year old grandaughter.

Lovely knitted beanie for a new baby.

And pink for my great neice...

Blues for her brother.

Happy days to you all.


  1. i have never seen so many crocheted items in one place.....lots of good ideas!
    i used to crochet skimpy little bikinis when i was young.

  2. I crocheted myself a suit many moons ago, it had a straight skirt and a longed sleeved jacket. I lined it and wore it once.

  3. Love the red cloche with the gorgeous flower Sue. Too nice to be called a beanie! Much more upmarket.