Sunday, June 9, 2013

More 21 Secrets - flowers and more flowers

I am loving the luxury of having art workshops at my fingertips! Twenty - four hours a day access to amazing lessons, inspiration and "art galleries" of other participants work.
Below are some pages using recycled business envelopes and flowers designs made into a book where I can paste more envelope flowers. Making envelope flowers are from Ro Bruhn's workshop, called "Flower Power".
I love opening my bills now - and have a pile next to me when I watch TV - colouring and decorating them, trying different colour combinations - soooo relaxing and rewarding!

Back and front covers.
Pages ready to be sewn into the covers - note flowery wrapping paper through the clear envelope window.
The following pictures are of my progress through the stages of Cathy Bluteau's workshop titled "Dooding my Way" - and using flowers cut from papers, lines, copic markers, washi tapes and small pieces of patterned papers.
I had so many flowers cut out I decided to do two versions - Cool and Warm colours.
This was relaxing, calm inducing and pushed my boundaries with the business of the process as I an used to having white spaces.

My pile of cut out flowers.

Flowers, text and lines in the Red version.

Flowers, text and lines in the Blue version.

Almost completed


Almost completed


Enrolling in 21 Secrets is the BEST present to myself - now I just want more time!


  1. Fabulous pages Sue and thanks for the mention. I hope you enjoyed your creative weekend with Tracy. Looking forward to seeing your finished pieces.

  2. wow! you have been busy, so spring looking.
    "poetry in motion" is lovely.