Tuesday, August 6, 2013


This Index Card prompt was CELEBRATION - and I'm celebrating that I have completed 61 cards for the challenge.


I was: -
- challenged time wise and in planning my cards and supplies.
- inspired by other's art.
- encouraged by the comments of others.
- made aware of other techniques and supplies.
- made aware of artists and styles I didn't know.

I was brave enough to post my work daily on the FaceBook group and have learnt more IT tricks, photographic angles, uploading and downloading and how Dropbox works.

All in all - I've thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and project of Tammy Garcia at Daisy Yellow.

And I am so appreciative of the support given by other members of the group. Just wish we could all "play art" together in reality!
Thank you all.

I was so involved some days that I "HAD" to make extra cards just because things were on my desk or because something just "jumped out"! Haven't yet counted them - but I know that Index Cards will be a constant companion from now on!

Left over paint paper and doodling and chipboard elements.

                                                          Doodling inside painted ogee shapes.

                                                             Some of my extra cards

More extra cards done.

Text, paint, stitching for the topic "Crossword". (my cross words are under the pasted text!)

Two months worth of Index Cards completed.
One of my favourites - scrunched up paint wipe paper flowers and sharpie.

Like this one too.

Paint smudges, sharpie and Signo white lines.
Another favourite - fabric and stitching.

It was a great project for the Australian Winter and the benefits of creativity and being part of an arty community have resulted in a very calm and focused me.


  1. This seems like a fun oroject, Sue! Colourful snd challenging!

    1. Thanks Anne Marie - it was a fantastic project - thoroughly enjoyable too. And challenging as well. Now I can't stop!

  2. Congratulations! what a great accomplishment. Feels good to see them all and know that you did it!

    1. Thanks Dawn - it really does feel good. Now just have to get better with photographic skills!

  3. Sue, I love your index cards!