Friday, February 25, 2011

Altered Books - Using and Making.

Over the last couple of years I have left my jobs at 4 different schools, begun to plan for "Retirement" and discovered the world of Altered Books. I love re-using things - and started a "School Life" Altered Book in an old Diary. I am still going to work on the cover but thought a page would be worth putting in here.

Covers of Diaries

I worked as a Teacher Librarian for 30 years, taught for 35 years and started school 57 years ago! Here's a photo of me at 5, on one of my pages. Working on this book helped me celebrate my achievements and 'let go' of my marvellous career. My Art as Therapy I guess!

I also love making books - using the simple technique of sewing through the middle. I use my own painted papers, magazine pages, blank paper, hand made paper - and decorate large sheets of card by painting, stamping and collaging printed serviette layers. I then choose an interesting section and cut to create a cover for the collected pages.

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  1. Your journal is progressing beautifully Sue. I hope we get to see it at one of our show and tells.