Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Paper Swapping Around the World

Some time last year, a friend alerted me to a Paper Swap at Lawendula. I was very tempted and joined and met some lovely fellow Paper Lovers from around the world.
Another project that Lawendula initiated was the Collage Box No 1. The idea was that she would put papers into a box and then it would be posted to the next person on the list - to take 12 pieces out, add 12 pieces - and make a collage from the pieces taken out. This is what I did...

The box arrived 

Packed full to the brim
So much to choose from...

Let's see what there is...

Love that red paper...

But I chose these pieces...

Added these pieces...

Packed it all up again and posted it to New Zealand and the next participant.

And then my pieces sat on my bench hidden away over Christmas, New Year, Summer ...while I tidied my room and bences a bit - and then had space to "do" my collage. Added some stamps, and orange dots of paint - and now am completing the project by posting.

Completed - looks better the right way around though!
(can't get it to be the right way around no matter how many times I try - now I know what people mean when the talk about blogger!)

Lawendula is hosting more Paper Swaps this year and there are two more Collage Boxes going around the world.
Thank you Lawendula for  great inspiring projects which has enabled me to meet some lovely Paper Artists from around the world.


  1. Paris looked lovely & I think those words are great - we need loittle bits of inspiratin around us. Love your collage - I can turn my head ;) My middest boy's just on the way to New Zealand (not in a box!)

  2. Oh, I can hardly wait for my collage box to arrive. I have absolutely no idea when that is likely to happen, but it will be so much fun. Have you joined any others?

  3. I love it, the colours everything, what a great collage