Tuesday, February 8, 2011


A beautiful view and such a relaxing place to have a coffee...

 Petite Palais

Pont Alexandre 3rd

I too, like many people I know, love Paris! In the past two years, I have been lucky enough to travel overseas and spend some time there. Last year, I visited some places I'd never heard of  before - one of them, Petite Palais, near the Pont Alexandre 3rd. Lovely collection of art & antiques &  free entrance. A great place for coffee & cake too.

I have been inspired by Tricia at French Kissed. Tricia restores old French postcards and creates digital images from them to sell.

I inherited a bundle of French Postcards from my Grandmother - who died in 1936, long before I was born. They tell the story of her communication with her German seaman fiance and of her family in Alsace who wrote to keep in touch when she and her German born husband migrated to Australia in the early1900's. Some of them were translated by my lovely friend Charlotte, whom I met in Cambridge, who lived in Cologne - but sadly died two years ago of cancer.

I intend to scan them one day and make a book of Albertine's story for future generations. It is awe inspiring to learn of the distance travelled by such young people and the reality of leaving their homes, countries and family and friends behind for a new life in Adelaide, Australia, so far away in those days of sea travel.


  1. Sue, these photographs are stunning. Have you considered studying photography?
    Yes Tricia does have the most amazing nostalgic items. I purchased from her store a while ago and was enraptured with the original postcards that arrived.
    The history of your grandparents adventure would make a wonderful heirloom for you to pass down.

  2. Thanks for sending me your blog address Sue.
    Wonderful shots of Paris. Those journal pages you show are fabulous too!

  3. Hi Sue. I am popping over from Tammy's Art and Inspiration to say hello. I am another Tammy and my middle name is Sue. My husband has been to Paris several times on business but I haven't made it there yet. We are thinking maybe to take a short trip there in April but not sure yet. What a wonderful treasure you have of inherited postcards that tell a special family love story. Hope you are having a great day. Tammy